Bin Laden Diary (sometime late 1998)

Praise be to Ala and may death come to the infidels.  May we triumph through the righteousness of our soul and be admitted through the grace of Ala to Jannah.

I love that shit.    So this fucker Khalid comes by again tonight, with 4 of the dirtiest American whores I ever seen and some of the best Thai bud he could buy.  Ever since that party in ’96 when we had two simultaneous Jenga games collapse this fucker Kahlid keeps talking bout his plan to finally bring down the towers in New York. Ramzi has a personal urge to get in this plan Khalid has made up, mainly due to his name sake on the first attack in ’93.  These fuckers won’t stop talking bout this plan they got, especially after two 40’s and a blunt.

“I tell you Osama, you pussy, bet me a million dollars and I will bring down them towers.”   That is all I ever hear from these two cock suckers.  I got one of these american sluts dragging teeth laughing and I decided the only way to get Kahlid and Ramzi to shut the fuck up about it is to go for it.

“ok you fat ugly fro haired bastard, I’ll take your bet.”  Hell I just want this damn argument to stop, two years is enough!!!  So I write him a check for a million,  ” I don’t give a damn what you do but I give you only five years.  After that you can pay me back in cash or bring me fifty America whores and a ton of this Thai”

He smiles like a fucking child, witch is the way the fat bastard has been acting for two fucking years.  You can’t tell  a child no and I just couldn’t take the pestering anymore, especially when it was killing my buzz and making this American whore drag teeth.

Ramzi says ” I want in, but you get no details Osama. This is Khalid’s plan and   you just sit back,  all praise to Ala we will accomplish this”

” We will make  you a believer Osama, you will see.”  Kahlid says as he sucks down his third 40 and roles another blunt.

“you two fuckers can’t plan a fart, let alone anything like this. I can’t wait for my ton.”, I told him as I put on some Outkast and roll another blunt.  These two fuckers are only capable of catching a buzz, there is nothing to really be worried about. I am already planning an addition for my 50 new American whores!


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