Bin Ladens Diary Sept 11th 2001

This is the most messed up 4:20 in my life.   Oh praise Ala and shit.

I fire up a role of home grown, some shit I found from a seed this Hungarian whore had in her purse, some real swag shit.  I am sitting watching Hannah Harped ride the fattest black dick I ever seen when Yelsam comes in and makes me turn it to CNN.  I knew this was some swag shit , and I wasn’t high, but what I saw was a dream.

“Kahlid fucking did it ,that fat fucker” Yelsam said as he  handed me a 40.  I poped the 40 and watched , amazed and stunned.  

” They are going to blame me, God Damn It.  “

” You made the stupid bet Osama, you gave him the go ahead”

“But I didn’t think that fat bastard was capable of it, he is full of fucking shit all the time.  All he does is get drunk, smoke blunts and fuck nasty american whores.  Damn it, I blew all that money on an addition and was looking forward to the Thai!”  

I watched as the second plane hit, and then they hit the pentagon.

“That crazy son of a bitch, I am a fucking dead man now!  He said the towers, there was nothing about hitting the pentagon,  I AM FUCKED!!”

Immediately I grabbed my personal AK and put on my turban and started to pack a roll bag with some peanut butter and Brandie Roderiks cover issue of Playboy. 

Yelsam says “settle down Osama, it will take a long time for them to find out everything.  You know how these Americans are, they have to have all the facts and investigate all the evidence. You have time,   Finish your 40 and hit this blunt, its Hindu Hash mixed with Blueberry.  This shit might win the Cup this year”

I hit the Blunt and choked down a swig off the 40 while holding in the hit, but I got even more parrinoid. 

“This is all fuct up,  Khalid is gonna get us all killed over this; and things are going so good.   That fat perverted drunk bastard.  I must go into the caves and hide.   Damn him”

” You underestimated him Osama, but you will have your trial and the truth will come out.  It was a drunk mistake.  He hounded you for years and you finally gave in.  Its not your fault.”

“Tell that to George Wayne.   He isn’t Blowjob Bubba, he will send troops, not missiles.  I can Hide and cover from the missiles but troops will find me, I am fucked!  Nawja must come with, we will meet you in Tora Bora”


That was my conversation with Yelsam.   It is nice in the mountains at night, but I must say, this was one of the craziest 4:20’s in my life!


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