Osama’s Diary

I have a unique access to Osama’s personal Diary.   being an alcoholic and dope head I have found the findings of his personal thoughts  not unique, nor have I found him anything more then guilty with humility.   Hell we are all guilty of that, pride, arrogance, and worst is the underestimation of what you would consider just mere trash.  My personal belief is not worthy of any acceptance in the stance of reason.  And neither is yours. He was convicted before trial.   The facts as he perceive them, no matter how the contrast to our national social opinion; were never tried.

I have his Diary.   and that witch I can not decipher I am able to contact him with a Ouija.   Its not my point to influence an uncompromisable emotion within you.   It is my responsibility to provided to the world the Absurd causes of 9=11 and to prove you, beyond any reasonable doubt; that bin Laden made an error of judgement.

If he goes to hell .,    Then I am too.


About forgiver of bin laden

Just writing
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