Osama meets JAHWAY

“Hello Osama, Jahway has been waiting for you”

Have you ever died. My last thought before the lead penetrated my brain as my lady sheilded me from the coming onslaught of combustion perpelled warm greetings of death was ” I would do it again”
Now being dead, and looking absolutely fabulous in these white garnets and impecible beard; I find myself in the heaven I always tried my best to display to those who could comprehend my meaning for exsistance.
St Peter greeted me at the golden gates and his prescence glorified the idea and personification of the holy worshipful place that spawned two religons at war over the same idea for eternity.
But there was another light, i could not describe it as brighter, but it was more pure; absolute purity.
jahway came befroe me in his entireity. a flourecnt contrast of yelow and blue gleaming as a spec of or sand but illuminating as the greatest star in his created galaxy.
” osama, my life was created for this very moment. you stand outside the kingdom of heaven before our lord and you shall not be judged. for if we were to see beyond the sights of heaven at our own judgements then we foresake our very existance, the very reason why our lour has gave us light as life.
you have already been judged by the hand of men who claim they are the rightous fist of god acting in retaliation for trangressions committed by you.
these people are lost, and osama, you have no fear of hell, for i assure you there is not mgreater hell then the one you have just been a testiment of thru your life.
there is no question that the way you went about your perticular message was unorthidox. but we agree you are an absolute rightous man who has save the lives of houndreds of thousands.
what you failed to realise was all those who you have help to survive and all those who have died in your brutal misjudgements of mans ability to use the light of gods love to create grandure upon the thrones of hell are all going to be with us one dat, as i stand before you now, as they always were when first created at inception.
we are sending you back agian, to live it all over again, but we wanted to show youthe promise. and to know that every soul that perished and trully entered into our rightous contious stream of purity has forgiven all and judges none.
we understand hell, we watch it and listen to prayers and your people and all people need to know we are everywhere, and will remain the true light of rightousness that will exstinguish the false flames of what hose people think is justice.
you almost made it this time osama, but my father beleives people of earth need to understand what we are here and who were are here that the enevitible evolution is to be holy, rightous, giveing, and non judgmental.
you have more work to do Osama, go with our ever precent blessing.”

and then the light was absorbed by the ovary into the womb of a new mother virgin and a new life was created.


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