current state of affairs 

when you think about country think about the person next to you.

treat other’s as we shall treat yourselves. 

but you are treating yourself like shit !

as evidence by how you treat each other.

race. sex, religion; don’t mean shit when you treat yourself mean.

you hate life.

I hate it for you.

and I love you for it

cause sometimes I hate life too.

I hate seeing humankind hating themselves and one another. 

but I still love them, everyone of them; even bin Laden!

at least he loved himself and his cause enough, that is was and always will be about freedom from slavery; to help more then he hurt and killed. 

in the end he is not only going to be the second most famous man behind Jesus,  he is going to be the one who started John’s revelation and brought the kingdom of God onto this earth.

Jesus word is known throughout the world. perhaps we should pay more attention to Martian Luther King Jr. for the kings of all kings still rule this world and I will say it a third time for you all to understand. 

God is love.

there is but one love.

we can LOVE ourselves 


About forgiver of bin laden

Just writing
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